Energy & Renewables

Bill Buster Session
Energy Saving – Bill Buster Session

Improving the energy efficiency of the housing within our communities is one of Soirbheas’ key objectives. We aim to achieve this by providing information and awareness training to householders as well as working in partnership with other organisations to ensure our homes become warmer and greener.

Energy Saving and Renewables – For individuals and home owners

Energy Saving TrustThere is a wide range of free services available to advise you on how to make significant savings to your energy costs as well as information on renewable energy options for your home too.

Home Energy Scotland – is a Scottish Government programme managed by Energy Saving Trust. There is an Energy Advice team based in Inverness who can carry out a free home visit and provide a range of options and improvements that could reduce your heating costs and energy consumption.

Green Homes NetworkConsidering installing a renewable heating system to your property?  Speaking to other people to learn from their experience is always a good starting point. The Green Home Network is a register of home owners that are happy to share their experience and knowledge with others and there are a number in our area.

Green DealThe Green Deal was a government backed initiative. Funding is no longer available and you won’t be affected if your Green Deal improvements have already been made and you’re making repayments through your electricity bill. Your Green Deal provider will still be responsible for any warranties or maintenance specified in your contract with them. Contact your provider if you’re in the process of arranging energy efficient improvements to your property through the Green Deal.

Highland Council Energy and Sustainability Team – This team provides information, advice and training on energy reduction. Tel: 01463 255278 email: [email protected]

Energy Saving and Renewables – communities and community owned buildings

If you have an idea for a community energy project, a good starting point is to contact the Energy Saving Trust.  They can advise you on what support is available, which steps you need to get your project off the ground and any funding opportunities that might be available.

Local Energy Scotland helps communities and rural businesses to develop renewable energy schemes via a wide range of support, including:

  • Free advice and support to help communities and rural businesses develop renewable energy schemes,
  • Advice on funding streams including CARES grants (Community and Renewable Energy Schemes),
  • Support to access CARES (early stage grants or development and pre-planning loans),
  • Support to access the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (post-planning loans).

Community Energy Scotland – They work with communities to provide skills and advice on small and large scale renewable energy projects.

Soirbheas will consider grant applications supporting community renewable energy projects.  However please speak to the Community Development Officer before you submit an application.

Oil Clubs

Many of you will heat your homes or premises with heating oil and price has been rising. The good news is that there are savings to be had by joining an Oil Club. The Citizens Advise Bureau (CAB) published a report in October 2018 called Clubbing Together and it suggests Highland residents join together in creating and joining oil-buying clubs, with the aim of making the purchasing of oil cheaper for all involved, estimating savings between 6% and 20% may be possible. For more information how this area can benefit you can contact CAB or click here.

Tips for Running an Oil Club

Another option if you have internet access is a web based club such as who have a club which includes the villages of Struy and Tomich and the surrounding area covering the post code area of IV4 7. In addition Drumnadrochit and the area of IV63 6 have a club. New members are welcome to join via the website.