About Soirbheas

Soirbheas is a registered charity, whose objectives are, broadly, to strengthen and support the communities of Glen Urquhart and Strathglass, through investment in local renewable energy schemes. The funds received from these schemes will be distributed to local community projects in the form of grants to help protect our environment and provide a more sustainable future for the next generation.

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Soirbheas has a constitution which permits funds to be used to support other groups currently active in the area. Care and sports groups and community halls could all benefit. Soirbheas can also run projects itself; perhaps addressing energy needs and promoting further energy-producing projects. Soirbheas can use its income to promote social and economic benefit, so it could also engage help to create plans for developments that just need extra time and effort to get off the ground.

In line with our business plan and our commitments to Social Investment Scotland (SIS), which has provided funding in the form of part loan, part grant, there are four key objectives that Soirbheas is working towards:

  1. Improving the energy efficiency of the housing within our communities
  2. Strengthening the local economy by encouraging new businesses to set up
  3. Protecting our environment for future generations
  4. Providing services that enable elderly people to live longer in their own homes

In order to achieve these objectives we have agreed the following outcomes with SIS:

  1. Residents have more fuel efficient homes
  2. Our natural environment has been protected for future generations
  3. The economy and capacity of our communities are more sustainable and resilient
  4. The quality of life of the elderly and vulnerable within our communities has improved

One of Soirbheas’ main sources of income is its interest in the Corrimony wind farm. Soirbheas is a partner with the Girvan family in a five turbine windfarm at Corrimony. It raised money from grant applications and a loan from SIS, to invest in the project which will see one fifth of the profits from the windfarm come to Soirbheas. The power produced by the farm will be sold to an energy company. Soirbheas will use its income to repay the loan and meet loan interest and operating costs. Surplus income will be used to directly benefit the communities of Strathglass and Glen Urquhart.

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Soirbheas’ Vision Statement

Our Vision …

A more vibrant, growing and greener community

Our Values …

We aim to be open and transparent with our members and the community

We use our resources to take care of our community and the environment in which we live

We work with the community and co-operate with other grant funders and organisations to deliver against Soirbheas’ objectives

We are dedicated to delivering the vision of a more vibrant, growing and greener community

We act fairly and with integrity

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