Travel & transport


Road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2); a major contributor to climate change. Cutting down on our car usage can make a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions. However, there is no doubt that trying to travel in the rural Highlands using public transport is challenging but there are still several options to reduce our carbon emissions and save money too by changing the way we use our cars.

  • Mix and match your journey – take the car on part of the journey then walking/cycling or using public transport for the other part.
  • Car sharing – join a formal car share scheme or team up with a neighbour or friend
  • Leaving the car at home for journeys under a mile – not only saving money on car fuel but good for you too.
  • Driving in a fuel efficient manner – reducing your fuel consumption by 15% or more.

Cycling – How do I get a bike?  If you don’t have a bike or the cost of buying a bike is a barrier for you there are a number of options.

Cycle Scheme – Support cycle to work schemes allows you to purchase or hire a bike and pay for it via a deduction for your salary over a period of time, allowing you to spread the cost. New Start Bikes  – Sell refurbished bikes, run classes on bike maintenance and offer a repair service.

Electric Bikes – Are coming down in price but before you buy one you might want to see if it’s right for you.  Electric Bike Hire – An e-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor which provides power-assistance when pedalling, providing users with the confidence to tackle hills, headwinds and busy junctions with ease. Highland Council are running a pilot electric bike hire scheme based in Inverness. Carbon CLEVER Cycles is a collaborative project between The Highland Council, Co-wheels car club and SSE which allows users to hire an e-bike from two convenient locations in Inverness, at Falcon Square and Council Headquarters at Glenurquhart Road. There are 12 e-bikes available for hire (6 at each location), with rentals starting at £1.75 per hour.

There are a number of areas in the UK that are hiring electric bikes including the Cairngorms so the next time you’re planning a holiday consider how you could incorporate cycling in to your holiday.

Car Share Schemes – There are several free car share schemes locally or you could just pair up with someone you already know even if it only for one day a week you will still make substantial saving on fuel plus potential wear and tear on your car too. If you’re not convinced that car sharing is not for you then take a look at just how much you could save.

There are two local car sharing schemes that cover our communities which are both FREE to join: Highland Liftshare  or If you care share

Compare and Share –  Compare and Share offers national car sharing and car pooling options.

Fuel Efficient Driver Training  – Fuel Efficient Driver training could save you up to 20p off every litre of fuel. Fuel Good driver training is run by the Energy Saving Trust and you can contact them directly to arrange a 1:1 training session (50 minutes long) or contact the Soirbheas Community Development Officer to see if we have any FREE training sessions planned in our area.

Fuel Good Phone App – FuelGood, a new free mobile phone app, is designed to help you track fuel efficiency for each car journey you make.  It can track your car journeys, flagging when you’re driving inefficiently and at the end of your journey, provides a summary of distance travelled, time taken, average miles per gallon and the savings you could make by driving fuel efficiently.