OpenNESS – Inclusive Communities

Dementia Friendly Communities


As part of the Inclusive Communities partnership, we are helping co-ordinate the development of training, awareness and resources to help improve accessibility for all across our area.

We are planning a series of one hour sessions in the new year but in the meantime we would like to encourage you to become a Dementia Friend. It doesn’t take long, but makes such a difference to people with Dementia, follow these easy steps:

  • log into the Dementia Friends website
  • watch the 4 minute introductory film
  • choose a further film to view – they are only 4 minutes so you can watch them all – they are really good

    On the Phone

    Getting Around
    Paying for Things
    Reading and Writing

  • complete your registration details to be a Dementia Friend.

The Key Message through these awareness sessions is to  Be Calm   Be Kind   Be Patient

We’ll be using the The Life Changes Trust  toolkit  to help to create our own robust dementia friendly communities.  We would be delighted for your to help as part of a the working group:  contact Nicky for more information.