Inspirational Heritage

Glen Urquhart Primary


We are delighted that the Cnocan Burraidh heritage project is inspiring our young workforce of the future.  Please see the information below and if you can help please send Nicky your contact details to pass on, or contact Miss Mullin at the school.


As part of the schools focus on preserving our heritage, Glenurquhart P7 are having a careers fortnight looking at jobs associated with history, archaeology, stone masonry and building preservation.

This will be from Monday 2nd – Friday 13th December 2019.

Would you or would someone you know be willing to visit the P7 class for about 45 minutes, or would you consider being interviewed by a trio of pupils for half an hour?  This would provide the pupils with positive role models and invaluable first-hand information and inspiration!  The teachers are happy to support the children to conduct telephone or email interviews if a physical visit isn’t possible.

Pupils will create a presentation to share their learning with the rest of the school during the last week of term and all contributors will be welcome to attend!   With your permission, some of the presentations will be posted on their class blog

Miss Mullin has told us that “in previous years we have focused on food, hospitality and tourism and STEM related jobs.  This is the first time we have examined jobs associated with preserving our built and cultural heritage – areas which our P7s are particularly interested in!”




Any help would be very much appreciated,