Community Sketch Show – Postponed

Cnocan Burriadh – The Grants

Postponed until later in the year.

With the expert direction of Amanda Luscombe-Smith, the Community Council are preparing a sketch show to tell some of the stories of the Grants of Glenurquart. This includes sketches on ownership of Urquhart Castle; involvement in battles and wars; shinty matches with over 400 players; invention of an electric car and dog breeding.  There are so many interesting stories but they can’t all be covered in a couple of hours, so a book and family tree are also being prepared.

Tickets will be limited when they go on sale as we are only staging the show for one night.  But it is being filmed for people to watch at their leisure and as part of the historical record.

How You Can Be Involved

There are some speaking and non-speaking parts available.
Perhaps you would like to help with costumes or making sets?
Could you help on the night – moving scenery, taking tickets or helping with the teas?
Do you have a raffle prize or tartan / plain fabrics you could donate?

And of course, help with the restoration element of the project is always welcome.

If you would like to take part please contact Nicky on 07842 781986 or email