Cnocan Burriadh

Mausoleum Cap Now Repaired


For safety the site has been closed to allow scaffolding to be erected around the mausoleum. We will let you know as soon as the site is reopened.  A new cap has been installed which will result in the marble being better protected from the weather.  The next stage about to start is the conservation work to the marble.

The current concrete cap was made of concrete, had a lot of moss and had become quite porous causing problems to the marble below, as can been see in the aerial photo.

The solution (recommended by Historic Environment Scotland) was a lead cap over the concrete with a drip channel so water doesn’t run down the face but falls off the cap.After the marine ply base was fixed a specialist lead worker installed a stainless steel skirt around the edge of the concrete before installing the lead cap. The top is not as square as it looked at first glance and the best way to join the lead sheets was to roll them over round batons.

The shape also meant that many layers of lead were meeting at the centre. So the lead workers recommended a small feature as a way to ensure the centre is totally weather tight, which looks great!

Marine Ply base installed by David Marshall
stainless steel skirt installed
Lead sheets fixed with oil coating for final seal.
Completed work

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