Access to Broadband in Glen Urquhart and Strathglass

Broadband in Glen Urquhart and Strathglass

This information has been compiled to inform you of the options available to you if your home or business has not benefitted from the recent rollout of superfast broadband.

You can check what broadband services are already available to you by using the GoSuperfast or or ADSL availability checker.

If you can’t currently get fixed line services then there might be other alternative options available to you including:

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Fixed Wireless Broadband delivers a broadband signal to your home via radio waves from a nearby mast. This signal is picked up by a small dish attached to your house using line of sight to the mast. The main issues are that you need line of sight from a nearby mast to you BUT the small dish does not need to be attached to your house, it can be placed in the garden. A cable then runs from the dish, into your house and to the router to carry the broadband signal. This also provides power to the dish. There is usually a fee for installation and the cost of the equipment. Download speeds and monthly costs vary from provider to provider (see comparison of local wireless broadband providers table). Some fixed wireless providers are also registered with the Better Broadband Scheme so eligible premises can apply for this voucher to subsidise the installation. For further info see Local Wireless Broadband Providers .

Satellite broadband

Rather than use using copper/fibre, satellite broadband operates by sending and receiving your broadband signal to a satellite about 22,000 miles in space. Even isolated properties or properties on “Exchange Only” lines should be able to access a Satellite Broadband service. What’s more, satellite broadband in the UK is now much cheaper and faster than it used to be and doesn’t require a huge outlay for a satellite dish and installation. If you receive less than 2 Mbps download speed via your phone line then you may be eligible for a Better Broadband voucher to subsidise the cost of installing satellite broadband (see end of this sheet for more information).


4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology and follows on from 2G and 3G. 4G services make it much quicker to surf the web on your mobile, tablets and laptops. Because of this, 4G is ideally suited for services which demand more capacity like video streaming, mapping and social networking sites. You can check what 4G coverage is like for different networks in your area at this website:

It can be a more expensive way of accessing the internet but if you don’t download or stream that much and live in an area with a decent 4G signal then this could be a quick and easy way to improve your connectivity.

The Better Broadband Scheme

The Government has made a commitment to provide every home and business in the UK with access to a basic broadband service so that browsing the web and keeping in touch with families and friends is easier.

A subsidised broadband installation is now available if you cannot access an affordable broadband service with a speed of at least 2 Mb per second.  This can reduce the total cost of installation by up to £350.

If, after making these checks, you believe your speed is less than 2 Mb per second and you have no other options available enter your postcode below to find out how to apply for help.

Taking out a broadband service under this Scheme will not prevent your premises from being considered for superfast broadband in the future.

Applications to the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme can be made until the end of 2017

To make an application go to scheme go to

If you need support to access any of these links please get in touch by contact Carol Masheter mobile: 0751 445 2783 or email: